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Alberta Game Jam 2019: The Darkness Beneath

The Darkness Beneath was a game written in the Godot Game engine for a 48 hour game jam. The theme given to the group was "What Lies Beneath". Our team immediately thought of creating a horror style, story driven game focused on mental illness, the effects it can have and how it often lies beneath the surface.

What we got done:
For the first 24 hours we focused on character controls and finding free 3D assets we could incorporate into the game. The character being in the first person wasn't too difficult to get going quickly. The assets were hard to find and often we needed to use blender to export the files in a format we could use (.obj). And as none of us have 3D modelling experience this proved difficult. 

By the second half of the jam we started building levels. We were a bit ambitious with wanting several levels and a deep brooding story. Eventually we created 2 full levels and 1 transition area between the two levels. Toward the last couple hours was the only time we really had to start setting up scary events and moments in the game, placing items (notes) to tell the story of the game and finish lighting the different areas of the levels. We eventually ran out of time to add all the spooky and scary moments we wanted to but that's okay as time was not something we had a lot of.

Who made this?

The game was made by Tyler Arsenault (TylerA73), Lukas Jenks (lukasjenks) and Zach Shaw (tehzwen). We all had never used Godot before but had experience with Unity and WebGL. 

Where can I play it?

The Darkness Within is available for Windows and Linux [here](https://tehzwen.itch.io/the-darkness-beneath). Feel free to play it and let us know what you think! 


WASD to move, space to jump, E to interact, esc to close notes and Q to close the game.

Install instructions

Download the .pack file and the executable for your platform. If you're using linux chmod +x TheDarknessBeneath.x86_64


TheDarknessBeneath.pck 271 MB
TheDarknessBeneath.x86_64 37 MB
TheDarknessBeneath.exe 29 MB

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